Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/15 I Can't Not Look at a Map

Maps are absolutely remarkable and so full of detail that if there's a map around me, I will find myself constantly exploring the map. These are all real places with real people, and I can't even comprehend how explorers were able to create these maps. World maps in classrooms always distract me from class, and road maps on road trips entertain me for hours.

I will legitimately start this in 2010, but I keep thinking about it too much, and all I want to do is make another post.
So I will leave you with another picture from the past. During my Fall Break this past October, 3 friends and I drove up to Montreal for an extended weekend. It was the coolest city I have ever seen, and it was the first time I had legitimately been out of the country (passports and all). I took this after we climbed Mount Royal literally straight up--we ignored all the actual paths--and it was an amazing experience. The view itself is remarkable. I just recently realized the interesting focus in this picture, and I was surprised that I love it.

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