Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5 I Feel Unproductive If I Don't Multitask

So I didn't make anything exciting today, unless you count hundreds of sorted files because I spent my day at my dad's office trying to make an extra buck. All those files gave me a headache, but I wanted to be productive at the same time as completing that mindless task, so I listened to the book that I am currently reading on tape. Sadly, I am finally through with Eat, Pray, Love now, but it was totally awesome. I'm going back tomorrow, and plan to start my next book with my ears. It's not as good as actually reading it and inventing your own voices, but it's close enough when I need to multitask to stay sane.

As for the image, I love this movie--Dakota Skye. It's completely unrealistic but gives you everything you would want from an indie film. I've watched it before but finally showed it to my friend tonight. She loved it, too, especially for the awesome camera angles and sun-lighting. Make that REALLY awesome camera angles. For another movie with absolutely amazing lighting, please watch Audrey Tautou (Amélie) in A Very Long Engagement.

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