Monday, September 6, 2010

9/6 I Love to Cook!

Although I failed at keeping up with this blog, I will be back for another attempt.

I live in a program house at my school, which some may compare to a co-op (although I really have no idea how co-ops work). It's just a bunch of sophomores and juniors who live in a house together because they share some common interest. Our interest is cooking. We have weekly house dinners/brunches together (all 16 of us) and have a fabulous time. We also have an enormous kitchen, which is helpful when 10 people are cooking at the same time.

I have so far succeeded in my goal of photographing everything [my friends and] I cook this semester, so I will document it all here. Most deliciousness is made with experimentation and a little bit of recipe, but I will document recipes when it seems fit.

My photos are not the most beautiful due to my sad, automatic camera, but they are just oh-so-delicious.

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